Saturday, May 30, 2009


Sorry it's late!! Bloody Blogger has been down!!

She's just about bigger than the bear now!!

Current Weight: 9590 grams
Current Length: 73cm
Current Size: 0

(Use the online converter if you would like to work it out in pounds and inches.)

I can not believe how much Kayla has grown!! Not just in size, but in maturity too! A lot has happened in her 5th month actually! It is probably the most eventful so far but it sux because I haven't been able to capture any of it on camera coz my videos no longer work! booo! I'll have to see if I can borrow Dad's camera for a week so I can try and capture this list of things...

*Kayla Rolling over.
*Kayla going crazy in the Jolly Jumper.
*Kayla's Hilarious Giggle,
*Kayla's non stop Babbling.
*Kayla grabbing everything in sight.
*Kayla Singing.
*Kayla's clever thinking.
*Kayla blowing raspberries.
*Kayla lifting her arms out to be picked up.
*Kayla's cheeky personality! ... and I'm sure there will be many more to come.

I'll make that my mission for my next post.

First of all - she got her first TOOTH!!! Well it isn't all the way through yet but a little tooth has cut through on her right side on the bottom! She's been a little grizzly through the teething but it actually hasn't been that bad. She's a tough little thing and can handle just about anything! She's quite the brave little girl!

She's a real wriggler now too and has had a few bumps to the head this month because she just wont keep still! A couple of times I'll be carrying her into a room and she has got so excited and thrown her head back causing it to smack on the door frame!! I'll expect her to start cracking up in pain - but the little boof head thinks it's so funny and lets out a big giggle! So now I have to guard her head when ever I'm walking into a room!

Changing her is a lot harder now coz she wriggles around on the change table and just wants to grab everything! She can grab hold of the side of the change table, and pull herself from her back to her belly in an instant and somehow Mummy has managed to put her nappy on back to front!! lol! She's a cheeky monkey!

She kind of said her first word a few weeks ago and it wasn't Mama or Dada!! She was at Nanny and Poppys at the time so I missed it - but apparently she was watching the TellyTubbies when the character LaLa said "LaLa dance" and then Kayla repeated the word "LaLa". SO BUMMED that I missed it!! But it wont be long before she will be yapping away! (She does that now - just not in English yet lol.)

She likes to sing too, she's been doing this for months but I keep forgetting to mention it in every post! Every night when I put her to bed - I sing her a lullaby, and she joins in by moaning and humming away! It's so cute! Sometimes she'll wake up in the middle of the night and start singing herself back to sleep. Dan has sometimes mistaken it for a meowing cat! LOL!

Her giggles are hilarious now and very contagious!! She use to be a little sensitive and would get scared easily like when Dan would playfully blow a raspberry on her belly she would totally FREAK out! The bottom lip would start quiverring - followed with a big cry and we could just not calm her down quickly enough! But now she's even cheekier than we are and loves to play rough and giggles her little head off at everything! I can just imagine her laughing her head off anytime she gets in trouble when she is older! lol.

She's even learnt to blow her own raspberries now! I never thought I would be so proud of my baby for making a fart sound lol! But a few weeks ago one morning she kept screwing up her face like she was constipated and sticking out her tongue like she had a horrid taste in her mouth! I couldn't figure it out all day and didn't know what was going on with her.

But then by the end of the day she did it again but this time she managed to blow a raspberry as she poked her tongue out! You should have seen the look on her face - she was so thrilled that she had finaly mastered it and I realized that she had been trying this whole time to blow a raspberry (just like we do to her!) It was hilarious!!

Her clever thinking is really showing through now, you can just about tell what she is thinking just by watching her. Nanny gave her her first rusk biccy (for teething) and as soon as she grabbed it she went to put it straight in her mouth but it went straight into the eye! But instead of continuing to poke it at her face and hope for the best, she stopped, looked hard at the biccy, thought hard about where her mouth is and then ever so slowly moved it towards her mouth and then hit bullseye! She has been doing it ever since... such a clever little cookie!

She's certainly proving to be a very fast learner!

She's almost sitting up by herself, but her heavy head weighs her down a little and she topples over in no time! She's such a chubba though - so I'm not suprised!!

But my favourite thing so far has been her learning to reach out for cuddles. It has been only a recent thing that I have never noticed before - but a few days ago I had her in the play table and she was getting a bit cranky, so I walked over to her. As soon as she saw me, she propped up gave me a big grin and lifted her arms up straight at me like she wanted to be picked up! It was such a heart melter and I couldn't resist! But now she does it all the time and Mummys back is getting sore!!! lol! I still can't say no though - it really is very adorable!

OK well I think I've covered everything for this month! If not I'll bring it up in the next post.

Oh! By the way... I reached my first goal weight of 56KGs the DAY that Kayla turned 5months! I was 56Kgs on my wedding day... so that's a big goal for me! But I wanted to lose another 2Kgs just so I have a few extra kilos to play with. (But I haven't weighed myself since then coz the scales need new batteries lol!) So YAY me!!

Recent Piccys...

 Thanks for stopping by! xx

Losing the baby weight...

Friday, May 15, 2009

She's Still Cute...

Hey Guys...

Well as you can see I've cut back on the posting and that is because of a number of reasons...

1) Sometimes the website is down!! (I tried to get on to do a Mothers Day post but I couldn't even log on!)

2) My computer is playing up and sometimes it's hard to even turn it on! (Brand new computer too!!)

3) My camera is stuffed and I haven't been able to take photos anyway!! (I know... could I get any more unlucky?~!)

But most importantly - Kayla is finally in a better routine (for now) I go to bed with her at around 9pm and we both sleep through until about 7- 8am the next morning (with a few sleepy feeds in between.) She is napping less now - so most of my day is spent entertaining her, and I love it!! And when she does nap - I usually nap with her.

So I don't have a lot of time to post lately. I'll just leave it at the monthly posts for now (or 2 posts a month if I can) but we'll see how we go.

For those who don't like missing anything - I've actually got a notifications list that sends an email out to let you know when there is a new post. Let me know if you want me to put you on it - so that you don't have to keep checking back on the blog to find nothing new.

NOW!! What to catch up on...

SOLIDS! Yes! We started her on farex in the beginning and she absolutely loved it!! Silly me got Dan to record a video of it and it was absolutely priceless! But unfortunately - Dan didn't know what the heck he was doing and somehow forgot to push the record button! LOL!! SO I was a bit bummed out that we missed it!

The second time we tried her on a garden vegie mush... but she did not like that at all!! It was hilarious the faces she pulled, again we missed the best part but I did get this little clip which is really nowhere near as good as the first!

(I'm joking about the chocloate of course! But if she is anything like her Mummy - she wouldn't knock it back! :-P lol)

Unfortunately after that, she got turned off the spoon altogether - so when I tried her on the farex again another time - she refused to have any because she remembered the horrible taste of the last one! lol

But since then we have tried other flavours and she took a liking to it again, her favourite flavour so far is Apple Custard - she polished off half a jar the little piggy! :-)

SHe is such a massive cute head and is starting to babble her little head off. She loves having conversations with you - she seems to think she makes sence and that we can understand what she is saying - it is soooo cute!!! (I really must get a new camera when we can afford it - so that I can capture it!!)

She's starting to mimic us heaps more too now - so we are trying to teach her to say MaMa and DaDa. (So original! :-P) Me and Dan have got a little bet going -I want her first word to be MaMa but he wants it to be DaDa! So it will be inetersting to see who wins! hehe

Although I believe she has already said her first word which is 'Hello' because it has got to be the most said word to her and it sounds like she mimics it spot on somedays.

She can pick up objects and hold them with ease now like there is nothing to it - she pretty much grabs the bottle off me now like she wants to hold it herself. She even likes to rip the spoon off me and feed herself Apple custard because I just can't get it in her mouth quick enough she loves it that much! lol.

I had a lovely first Mothers Day, we went to Sizzler for breaskfast and although we stood in line for an hour - it was worth it and a very lovely morning. I hope the rest of you Mothers had a wonderful Day too!!

Here are some of the latest piccys (Thanks to other's who have taken photos for me!)

Waiting in line on Mothers Day...

We went to a friends BBQ to watch the footy - Australia vs NZ... Guess who Kayla was cheering for...

(Thanks for the shirt Aunty JMay!)

Where's Kayla?...

Giggle Guts...

Little Pink Riding hood...

And here are a couple of video clips that I couldn't upload before...

This was taken at Sizzler when John and Emily were here...
Small things...

Playing at Nanny and Poppys...

And here is a beautiful flower for all of you Mothers out there...

By the way... Happy Birthday to Daddy Dan for tomorrow!! xoxoxo Thanks for stopping by! xx

Losing the baby weight...