Thursday, January 29, 2009


YAY! Little Miss Kayla is one month old today! ... Where did the time go!!?

Current Weight: 4660 grams
Current Length: 56.5cm
Current Size: 000

(Sorry - I don't know pounds or inches, but you can use the online converter if you would like to find out for yourselves.)

She is still so little but she is actually quite huge compared to the baby bubette we took home from the hospital!

This is a pic of her taken the day after we brought her home, next to our friends Natt and Dave's baby boy Cooper who is 4 months old...

...and I thought Cooper was tiny!

So far she has been a pretty good baby! The only problem we have lately is a few too many sleepless nights. The problem is she LOVES to be cuddled! She absolutely loves her attention that when it comes time to sleep, she does not want to be put down!

She sleeps just fine when she is in somebodies arms, but the moment you try to put her down she starts DEMANDING to be picked back up again! It's not so bad during the day, but at night from about midnight to 6am when Mummy is trying to sleep, she just wants to be cradled ALL THE TIME!

We've tried to let her settle on her own and not give in to her demands... but the screams just get louder and louder!


So half the time I get stuck with sitting up awake while she sleeps in my arms! *sigh*

She's definitely not crying for any other reason that we know of because she automatically stops crying as soon as she is picked up. The cheeky thing even cracks a little smile as if to say "na na na na boo boo, I've got you wrapped around my little finger!" lol!

She does have problem with lower wind and can get belly aches every now and then (poor Bubba) but Dan and I are pretty on to it and know when she has pain, she has a certain cry and movement and doesn't stop crying until she farts! hehe

I've tried everything! Wrapping her up, putting a dummy in her mouth, rocking the bassinet... everything!!! I even cradle her to sleep and wait a good hour or two until she is in a deep sleep before I discreetly put her down (so she wont notice) but she always wakes up and starts screaming again!

Any suggestions peoples?

Some days I feel so jet lagged!

But I have been getting a lot of help from Dan and Mum. Dan is great and supportive and helps me through the night even though he has to get up early the next morning for work. (Poor bugger!) And Mum comes and helps out whenever I need her, and she takes her for the day every Friday so that I can catch up on my rest to do it all over again.

She's got a wee cold at the moment too so she demands some extra TLC lately, but hopefully she will start to settle down as time goes on.

But other then that small attention seeking problem, she is the cutest little girl and lights up our day with her bubbly personality and her heart melting little smiles even when I am dead tired to the world!!!

Bring on Month Two!!! :-) Thanks for stopping by! xx

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trublmaka said...

OH WOW!!! A month already?!!!

Gripe water or Infant's Friend work well for Cooper - the Infant's Friend suits him better. And when he does have his restless times a nice warm bath followed by being snuggled up in his pj's and his fave blankie help to settle him down.

As for the bed issue; there's a snuggle bed you can buy (approx $50 unless on sale for less) from target,toyworld or toys'r'us, and pretty much any place that sells baby stuff.
Its just a secure bed with hard sides you can sleep bub in in your bed and it saves you from the concern of rolling onto her - have a look at one to get a better idea what I'm prattling about.

Another idea.. maybe instead of having to hold her, use the harness - even if your just sitting on the couch? When Cooper has his "gotta have mum" days, I put him in it and it settles him right down.. then he gets fed up being in it and settles off to sleep!! lol

Uncle Dava also suggested maybe putting her on a soft pillow that puts her in a position similar to being cuddled?

Also there is a herbal concoction by Brauer's with different herbal blends for different things to help the bubs.
We got Taz on Calm which helps to settle her for sleep time, there's also other ones such as Recovery tonic (for when bub's been ill) and there's one to help settle the tummy from wind and colic.

Umm.. that's all that's popping to mind right now...
Hope there's something there that can help you hunny
xoxo Best of luck!!!oxox

Reffinej said...

Re- Snuggle bed - Rach I actually have one of these I have been trying to offload. It is not as sparkly as some of the new ones out but it did the job if for some reason I ever needed Christian with me and its filled with the breathe easy material. Let me know! If you're interested I could bring it to your b'day party and you could check it out. If you dont want it, let me know and ill bring it back home :D

Kayla's Mum said...

Trub - Oh cool! Thanks for all your tips! I will definately try them. We use calm too, but it just doesn't seem to effect Kayla! We also use wind drops to ease her lower wind pain, but even that isn't the best! The snuggle bed sounds great though! And looks like Jenn may be able to help me out with that! Woohoo! xx

Reffy - AWESOME! I like what I hear from what Natt said about the snuggle bed! So I will TOTALLY buy it off you if you could please bring it! :-) EXCELLENT!!! Thanks :-) xx

Jacquie May said...

Naughty naughty Kayla! Bonnie was the same for having to be held all the time and the moment we'd put her to bed, swearing that she was well asleep, she'd wake up waling for her cuddles again! She absolutely hated her cot so we got her into a single bed as soon as she was walking at 11 months. Unfortunately I have no advice since I just put up with it but it looks like you have had some good help there.

Gorgeous pics again :)


Kayla's Mum said...

JMay - Ahhh! Must run in the family then! Good to know that they do eventually grow out of it... 11 months though?? Bugger! lol

Ah well it will go fast! :-) xx

Sam said...

Hey my sweet! I had the exact same thing with's called the 'first baby syndrome'! (that's what I call it anyway).

The mistake is, when she was born, you just kept cuddling her all the time (okay, I know not all the time cause you couldn't to start with, but you get my gist) and as soon as she cries, you pick her she now'll pick me up!

With Joseph, I never thought I would be able to sit down and have a meal with Andrew again...cause he always had to be held!!!

And like Jaq, I just put up with it.

When Dill came along, I didn't have the time to cuddle him none stop cause I had to look after Joseph as well.

And guess what? He was the most easiest baby in the world, hardly demanded attention, cause he hardly got it! hehe.

As hard as it is, you have to try and get Kayla in a routine at night time, put her in her cot, let her scream, walking in the room like every ten minutes, not picking her up, but just soothing her with the sound of your voice, walking out again, and repeating the process.

But she's only a month old, and the first three months are the hardest.

I have my favourite book winging it's way to you via Granma...What to expect in the first year (not my original one, I handed that out years ago!) It's a godsend...helps answer all your questions!

Dark Side said...

Aw Rach what a traumatic time you have both been through I really feel for you darling.

Gorgeous pics though and I can't wait for the next installment, thanks for inviting me....(((hugs))) to you all..xx

Kayla's Mum said...

Sam - Yeah I thought of that, but a midwife told me that being a newborn they are too little to let them cry out without attending to them. She said to wait until they are at least 3 months before you should ignore their cries when it's just to be cuddled *shrugs*.

And as I said in the post... I have tried that but she just doesn't seem to stop, and it's only been more lately that she has been crying to be picked up.

I'm sure we'll get there in the end! Thanks for the book... I look forward to it. xx

Rae - Thanks for taking the time to read! :-) It seems like a lifetime ago now all that traumatic stuff. So glad it's all over! :-) xx

SSC~ The Domestic Diva said...

Despite what others say you can not spoil a baby. They know when they cry and you comfort them their needs will be met. You want to make sure you are doing that.

My little Choo Choo was like that. I bought a baby sling and carried him around in it. Then a baby swing. Try having the bassinet next to your bed. Can you get a vibrating one, or a baby chair.

Best of luck to you three. Cherish this time it goes by so so fast!

Kayla's Mum said...

SSC - ooo the baby sling sounds like a fab idea! I must give that a try! xx

Kristy said...

Baby slings are really awesome!!! I also have a copy of Tizzie Halls book SOS (Save Our Sleep) if you wanna have a squiz!! That helped heaps too and shows you how to help a bub self settle :)

Kayla's Mum said...

Kristy - Yeah we are finding the baby slings to be handy too! ANd I'd love to have a sticky at that book one day :-) xx

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