Sunday, January 4, 2009


AT LAST!!! She's here! And we couldn't have asked for a more beautiful little blessing!

Please meet our pride and joy...

Kayla Jewel Gillies...

Isn't she beautiful?

Dan and I still don't know how we managed to create something so cute!!! *giggles*

For having the closest correct guesses on our online baby pool!

Your prize will be on it's way to you shortly!
(Someone please let her know)

(JMay- so close!! You actually came 2nd!!)

For everyone else who took part... if you'd like to see how you scored, you can check it out HERE.

OK... now that that's out of the way, allow me to tell you a little about this blog. With both Daniel and I having family and friends scattered all out of state and overseas, we know how difficult it is to stay in touch with everyone and keep updated with what has been going on in every ones lives!

Especially the children... they grow up so fast, and in a blink of an eye, suddenly another year has passed and we've missed out on witnessing the special little things in life like babies first words, babies first steps and before we know it they will be having kids of their own before we even got the chance to cuddle them!!! *giggles* Ok maybe not that fast... but it does devastate us that we do miss out on a lot.

Like Bon-Bon for one... it amazes us how fast Jacquie May and Mikeys little one has grown up! I mean... she is walking around and talking already! As gorgeous as she is, we feel like we've missed so much having been away for the first couple of years of her life! I can't wait for the day that we get to meet her in person and cuddle her for the first time! (When ever that may be!)And to see all the other little Gillie tots again too who are growing up so fast! *sigh*

So we figured it may be the same for others in our situation too. And although it's nothing like the real thing - watching her growth in person, we decided we'd do the next best thing by creating this blog as a diary of little Kayla, so that with just a click of a button... you can check out the latest photos, stories and even videos of Kayla, before she grows up too fast before we all know it!

Now being a first time Mum... I have no idea what I'm in for as far as finding the time to do things like these goes! So I can't guarantee that I will be reliable when it comes to posting as often as I'd like to. But we certainly intend to update this blog with the latest Kayla shenanigans as often as we can, whether it be daily, weekly or even monthly! Who knows? But the most recent posts will always be shown at the top (like this one), so if you're interested in checking out the latest goss on little Kayla - please add this link to your favourites and check back occasionally when ever you get a spare moment.

Or... if you don't want to miss a thing, I can even add your email to the notification list, where you will get an automatic email notifying you when ever there is a new post. If you would like to be added to this list, please let me know.

Then of course I know that not everyone is into this sort of thing. I know that some people are even bored by baby updates and blogs and photo's etc, and that is fine with me as everyone is different. So I am not pushing anyone to read or to keep coming back to check out the latest updates, but the option is most certainly here if you ever decide to.

SO! On that note, I'm going to end the first post here before I bore you ALL to death with my blabbing on! I just wanted to explain this blog before I get to the good stuff just so everyone knows what to expect of it. But I'll be talking more about the labour experience and will be sharing more photos in our next post... so stay tuned! (If you're interested!)

Oh!!! And comments are very much appreciated! We love hearing from you and hearing your thoughts and feelings on this journey. So please don't hesitate to leave us a comment.

Anyone can leave a comment... to do so just click on the 'Comments for Kayla' link at the end of this post, and a pop up box will appear for you to leave your comment. Once you've written your comment, scroll down a bit and tick the box 'Name/URL' and enter your name, but don't worry about the URL (Unless you have a blog of your own). Then click 'Publish your comment' and you're done! :-) Easy Peasy!

We look forward to hearing from you!!

I'll leave you with a wee video of Kayla! On this particular night she was full of smiles (I know! hard to believe right?) We tried to capture it on camera but it ended up just being gas this time! *giggles* ... and then I dropped the camera! LOL!

Enjoy... Thanks for stopping by! xx

19 Comments for Kayla - Click here to comment too!:

Reffinej said...

She is absolutely devine! Cant wait till you guys are settled and we can come get some cuddles! She seems so aware! Its been a while since I saw Christian that age so maybe its normal but I just cant believe her eyes seem open all the time!

Lots of love,


Catherine said...

Hi Daniel and Rachel

Kayla is absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!

It looks like she wants to talk already....

Enjoy every day with her, she will bring you so much joy!!!

Lots of love


Kayla's Mum said...

Reffy - Aww Thanks Reffy! Yes she is very alert and a happy baby and it is quite amazing concidering the extremely stressful delivery she went through!

You are welcome to visit for cuddles anytime! :-) xx

Catherine - Thank you, we adore her even more than we ever imagined! Not a day will go by that we wont cherish! xx

Peach said...

WOWWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE - she's soooo gorgeous - !!

And seems so with it already - my god she's going to be a world changing scientist (after she's married harry of course)

Well well well done to all three - she is truly a gem

LOVE the name Jewel too


Jacinta said...

Congrats on the lil beauty....shes soooo gorgeous.....i wish the both of u the best with the lil bundle of joy..cant wait to meet her : )

Im so happy for u both

Kisses and hugs
jacinta, luke and bailey

Anonymous said...

She's so pretty! How fun. I wish you's were here too...

How's that ay, I always get second! Same with your Hen's Night dress up... Second. Hmmm...

Awesome awesome website! I've forwarded it on to some of the other family members and some of the girlies here in Gissy who will love to see her.

Make sure you sleep when Kayla give s you the opportunity! That's from Grandma and she knows best remember ;)

Jacquie, Michael & Bonnie

Kayla's Mum said...

Peachy Poo - THANKYHOOOO! I knew she'd be Harry's type! ;-P Glad you aprove! *giggles* xx

Jacy - Thanks hun... you'll get to meet her very soon! :-) xx

JMAY - Oh I still get frustrated about that hens night trophy! You so won it! I should have tallied up the votes myself, because Ev thought your nickname and real name were two different people! Ah well... you'll win something one day! :-)... oh wait! Was Miss Gisborne not enough?! :-P

P.S. Sleep? What is sleep? :-P xx

Not her pop said...

Shes almost as pretty as her pop.

Kayla's Mum said...

Not her Pop - hahahaha! I wouldn't know... that fella is in Sydney somewhere fishing off the rocks! :-P xx

trublmaka said...

:D you know our opinion hunny xoxo

Just sop relieved its all finally happened!!

Congrats from my family too. Ma's so excited for you.

love you lots babe
me, him n the ferals

Anonymous said...

Hi Rachel & Daniel & Kayla

Lovely to meet you Kayla. Looking forward to meeting you. Welcome to the big noisy nosey loving family! And hope the baby grows up to look lovely like her grandfather Gillies but with her nose and ears half the size.

Good to see her feet are nothing like Danial's, nice and dainty like Rachel's.

Hope you both continue to make good progress.

Lots of love

Great Grandma & Great Grandad Gillies
Gisborne, New Zealand

(You can probably tell which parts of which sentences were from each of them! Haha! JMay)

Bambam said...

Congratulations Hunni, I would send a titti squishy but u'd prolly leak on me :-P

So excited for you all

Rose and I have a prezzi for you for the nursery :-)

I have bookmarked Kaylas page and will be checking often Im so happy and excited for you :-)

Love the name btw xxxx
Bambam n Rose

Kristy said...

Hey Rachel!!!

Your little Kayla is a darling little girl, we got to meet her the other day :) She's too lush! Ava loves her!

x Kristy

Kayla's Mum said...

Trub - Thankyhoooo... and Thank the fam too! xx

Great Grandma & Grandad - *giggles* Thanks guys! But we're noticing that little Kaylas ears seem to be sticking out more each day that passes! We may not have escaped it yet! :-P haha! (Thanks Jmay!) xx

BamBam - Thanks hun! haha! You don't have to titty squish to get milk all over ya! It will happen anyway! These things are like water pistols! LOL! Oh and you didn't have to get a gift! Thank you though! :-) xx

Kristy - Thanks! :-) Oh yeah! Mum told me she brought her over! I wish she had told me.. I would have loved to have seen your little ones with her! Ah well... plenty of other times! xx

Kristy said...

Yep I have a blog lol, but I forget about it, I just get so busy!! I also have a youtube account for the girls just a few short videos :)

Kayla's Mum said...

Kristy - haha I bet! I'm starting to learn quick smart just how time consuming Mummyhood can be! And you have TWO of them! hehe! I'll def check out the youtubes! xx

Greatgranjoan said...

AT last, photos, video and a blog!
Kayla Jewel is beautiful, and quite like Maureen was as a new born. It wont be long before I am home to give her heaps of cuddles. Congratulations my darlings. Enjoy every day of your little blessing

Kayla's Mum said...

Greatgranjoan - Thanks!! Actually I was going through some baby photos of myself and discovered she is a spitting imagine of me as a baby! I must post the photos. xx

Anonymous said...

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