Friday, January 16, 2009

Just like her Mummy!

I was going through mine and Dan's baby photos the other day, to see if Kayla had inherited any features from either of us. I started with Dan's photos but although in some angles I can see strong Gillies features in Kayla's face, I couldn't really see many similarities in Dan's baby pics.

But then I had a look at my baby photos...

...and the resemblance is amazing!!!
(except I was a fatter baby! lol!)

I can't wait to compare toddler pics!!! Maybe she'll fool us all and look just like Dan! :-) Thanks for stopping by! xx

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trublmaka said...

Oh how goooorjussss!!!!!!

See, I told ya!! She'd be looking like her mamma!!

Kayla's Mum said...

Trub - *giggles* Gee I dunno! Her ears seem to stick out more and more each day! :-P xx

Trixie said...
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Sam said...

We've got strong genes on our family side!

There are baby photos of me..that look just like you as a toddler!

Kayla's Nanny said...

lol...I can't believe Kayla is holding her hands the same way you were in your photo!

Kayla's Mum said...

Sam - Ahh but the Gillies genes are stronger than Superman himself! lol... I guess it helps that she is a girl. xx

Kayla's Nanny - I know!! lol and we didn't even plan it like that! She posed all on her own! xx

Jacquie May said...

Those photos are so uncannily similar ay! Go on Rae, that's gotta be another $50 from That's Life ;)

You manage to update this alot... Are you getting in any sleep????

Love yous.

Kayla's Mum said...

JMay - haha yeah! I didn't think of that! 50bucks here I come!! :-P

Sleep? What is this sleep that you speak of! I don't know of such thing! :-P

Nah... I do get some... not much, but some! This blog is actually good for me... it helps keep me awake when I need to be up to watch Kayla (When she's restless and wakes every 10mins and theres not enough time for me to get some sleep!) :-) xx

Unkie P said...

This is a mad blog Benji! How long did it take for you to get this far with it? i love the photo similarities.... You should do your hair like mum's for extra effect and then get Kayla to do the same when she has a bubby.... Aw yeah, wacky family tradition here we come!!!! :P

Kayla's Mum said...

Unkie P - hehe what? This old thing? Oh I just whipped it up over night! :-P *giggles*

Thought about changing the hair... but hell no I don't want a fringe like that! Not in this day and age :-P (Even though it looked lovely on Muuss at the time!) :-)

Totally... I'd like Kayla to do the same one day too... but she'll probably have a completely different looking baby lol! xx