Monday, January 26, 2009

What a little Smarty Pants!

I thought it was about time for a little update on how Kayla is doing these days.

To be honest, I always thought of newborns as nothing more than just adorable little sleeping, drinking, poo machines with not much personality, but fun for a cuddle and very cute to look at!

While I was still pregnant with her, for the people that wanted to travel here to see her when she was born - I would tell them to save their trip until she was like 3months or older so that she can be at that real cute and playful stage, as newborns can be quite boring and just sleep all day.

Boy was I wrong!!!

I don't know if it's the same with all newborns, but Kayla has proven to be quite the cheeky little smarty pants at just 4 weeks old! (Even before then!)

At just 1 day old she was already smiling!! We were putting it down to gas at first because I had heard that newborns can not smile until they are at least 6 weeks old (or older!) But there was no denying it when she was doing it all the time and reacting to our voices with a burst of excitement followed with a big clear smile! (and no gas followed lol!) Especially when I sing to her... her little eyes light up and she gets all blushy and smiley it's sooo adorable!

I was even more surprised when at just 12 days old she started rolling over all by herself!!! (Is that too soon for a baby to roll over on her own?!) I would put her on her back, and she would roll onto her side and then on to her belly! (Though she can't roll back once she's on her belly.)

She's only done this a few times but she is clearly capable and she mainly does it now when she's chucking a tanty and throws herself around.

Just the other morning, I had her sleeping on my bed on one side (with a long pillow to the edge so she couldn't fall off!) and I was sleeping on the other side - pretty far away because I worry that I may roll over and suffocate her! But then I woke up like an hour later to something nuzzling into my chest!

I was in the exact same position that I had fallen asleep in and hadn't moved at all, but suddenly Kayla was on my side of the bed, cuddled up to me trying to suck on my Boobies!!! LOL!!! The cheeky thing must have rolled herself over to me while I was sleeping!!! It's still a mystery to me, but I sware the cheeky thing is up to something!

But the thing that amazes me the most - and she did this for the first time on her DUE DATE! (8th of January at just 10 days old), is when she gets really stroppy and I'm sitting down holding her up, she stands very strong on her little legs and starts stomping and walking up my chest!!!

(just had to add this piccy coz it makes me giggle!)

But can you imagine a little newborn walking around? (with help of course!) She's amazing!!! ... Or is this all normal for a newborn? No Really... I honestly don't know! But I sure didn't expect her to be as smart as she is at this age!

But it's not all cute though! She also does this freaky thing in her sleep where she opens her eyes and rolls her eyes in the back of her head with a freaky grin on her face. Sometimes she even laughs her little head off like a wicked witch! She did it again today and at the moment she has a face full of little milk pimples so she looked much like a little Chucky doll! LOL! It freaks me out... it's like she's possessed and is about to do something crazy!

I actually tried to capture it on camera, and managed to get a little snippet of it (though this is one of her more cuter moments!)...
Taken at 13 days old...

Creepy Sleeps...

Well one thing I've learnt for sure is newborns are certainly not boring!!! Even when they are sleeping! Thanks for stopping by! xx

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Jacquie May said...

How funny is her sleeping video!

She must be very strong to be doing all that rolling so brand new! I'm pretty sure that she must have some super powers or something that she's developing early!

Give her a cuddle from me and Bonnie!

Kayla's Mum said...

JMay - haha! Yes well she is the daughter of 'RATGiRL' so I guess it's no wonder! :-P

As for the cuddles... this little girl has had enough cuddles to add up from each person in the world... but I'll give her a couple more just for you guys! :-P xx

trublmaka said...

That is soooo cute!!!
Yes its is unusual! But, hunny, look how determined her mummy is to get what she wants!!!!
Li' Princess Kayla is most definately taking after you!!!

Kayla's Mum said...

Trub - hahahha yep! She's so needy like her Mummy too! :-) xx

Joe said...

She's too adorable. And of course she's smiling. Look at who her parents are. What child wouldn't be happy!

Kayla's Mum said...

*blushes* naww cheers Joey! xx

Kristy said...

Hahah awww i remember my girls doing that... I need to put up some more videos, I suck at keeping blogs LOL!!

Kayla's Mum said...

Kristy - Oh cool!! Always happy to see vids of your littlies! I seen their youtubes so cute!!! Don't worry! Even I understand it's hard to find time to do updates! And you have 2 babies!! xx