Sunday, March 29, 2009


(Sorry it's late!!! Finally got a new computer!)

Good Golly! I can not believe how fast time flys!

Current Weight: 7030 grams
Current Length: 63cm
Current Size: 00

(Use the online converter if you would like to work it out in pounds and inches.)

Well she is certainly getting smarter by the day now and cheekier as I explained in my last post! She's starting to roll over a lot now too and we really have to watch her on the change table! (She actually rolled over a few times in her first month but only when she got really stroppy and would throw herself around - but then she never did it again.)

She has so much more interest in toys now - so we bought her a little play table which she loves! It's actually meant for 4months and up - so it's a bit big for her. But that doesn't stop her from playing with it and we've put a little stand underneath so she can rest her feet on it and stand herself up. We also have her sitting in it back to front so that she can lean against the back rest for support. She just loves it and she can touch and move the toys with ease - and it wont be long until she fits into it properly anyway.

Here's a clip of it (finally!)

There's actually a little toy house on there with a tiny door that you can open and close - and Kayla is such a clever little thing she can actually open and close it! It's quite surprising because it's so small and even I find it hard to open and close! lol!

She's also getting much stronger now too and is starting to push herself up onto her arms when she is on her belly! I have a feeling that she is going to be an early crawler (but I'm hoping not because the later she does - the more time we have to child proof the house properly! lol! Plus she keeps me on my feet enough already with her cheeky games!)

If that's not clever enough - last night I was sitting with her on the couch and I stood her up on the floor with her arms resting on the couch. She was standing so strong and holding herself up that I was able to take my hands away and she was standing on her own for 9 seconds!!! (that's while holding herself up with the couch!) Such a clever little thing!!!

She is in such a gorgeous mood all the time now and she had her first GIGGLE on April 1st! AND I captured it on camera!!

Here it is...

So cute!! She's actually giggling a lot more than that now too!

John and Emily are coming to visit this week! And the timing could not be better because Kayla is the cutest she has ever been and she's very playful now!

This has definitely been my favourite month so far - full of discoveries and fast learning and I can honestly say that unlike the last monthly posts - I can't think of any problems we have with her at all at the moment! The last months problem was with the dummy but now she doesn't want it as much (Thank Heavens!) the only thing is she pretends to want it to see how much attention she can get (as I explained in my last post) but that's really not a problem - just her clever personality which I can deal with :-).

I have found this blog to be really great - not just for our family and friends to keep you all up to date with Kayla, but for myself too! I love looking back on all the posts to compare them to the present time and it really reminds me how much Kayla has grown in size and maturity! This is also good for Kayla to look back on too when she's old enough - to read about her own journey!

And that's why comments on here are much appreciated too because I know Kayla will love to read back on them one day. So Thank you for those who do take the time to comment, and also to all who take the time to read.

I just hope her 4th month is as fun as this month! (If not more!)

All I have is this piccy to show ya's at the moment - I've got to sort out all my photos again now that I have a new computer...

Oh by the way! I was aiming to lose 5KG by the time Kayla turned 3 months.......
AND I DID IT! :-) YAY!!! - Spot on the day too! (Though I've lost another kilo since then because that was a week ago! lol!)

But I'll be going off my diet over the Easter Period (how could I not!? :-P) So don't get up me if my weight loss slows down (or I gain!)!!! :-P Thanks for stopping by! xx

Losing the baby weight...

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Gr.Aunty Karen said...

The last photo is absolutely gorgeous.

Kayla's Nanny said...

even though I am lucky enough to see her all the time, I do still love looking at these beautiful photo's of her :-)

Neil said...

aww shes so beautiful... i love all the lil outfits she has! and what a clever lil cherub! she's gonna give u guys a run for your money thats for sure!


Peach said...

still loving the block honey, sorry not been in much contact - been sorting out my new flat (keys tomorrow - moving stuff Thurs and then the big move over easter) - Kayla is gorgeous and sounds like a total delight - I have also enjoyed the months AFTER the first 3, like it's really true that the 3 months after the birth are like the 'fourth trimester' inasumuch as everything is new and different and quite hard in parts and your body and mind and life is still getting used to it all...

... will send a proper email again later, but just wanted to say HEY Kayla and you two too


Granma said...

Sorry have not been commenting but have certainly been lookng forward to each week's progress. showing this blogs to friends is better than having a granny brag book.You are doing a great ob Rae and of course Kayla is gorgous and clever. afterall, she is my great-granddaughter.

Jacquie May said...

I'm going with the last photo as absolutely angelic! You should enter it in a baby photo comp! I just love the first photo too, she is a chubby bubby cutie!

John has stashed a little top in his suitcase for Kayla from Bonnie that he'll be able to bring to you tomorrow. It's a 00 so you might have to get her wearing it right away before she outgrows it!

Bonnie got 3rd in the cutest baby photo comp at Kodak Gisborne out of like 40 babies! Yay! Bonnie and I went in and saw Wahzey (her and Mon work there) and demanded to know why she didn't come 1st! ;) Wahzey said it was cause she didn't judge it... Safe answer Wahzey...

So, we've uped the anti and are entering the NZ wide Pumpkin Patch Model Search! Yeah, yeah, all of NZ but it was a fun excuse to buy Bonnie a full Pumpkin Patch outfit! She loves that shop, it's amazing considering I very extremely rarely go in there, let alone buy there! She was running from rack to rack going 'Pretty, pretty, pretty dress!' She doesn't do that in the other kids clothes shops!

Hmmm... Maybe all that should've gone into an email...

Anyways, Love yous lots!

Sam said...

Oh she certainly is a delight! You think last month was great? You'll ADORE month 4, it's when they really come alive! Enjoy it all before the teething hits, lol!

Kristy said...

hahah the giggles are sooooo cuuuuuuuuteeee!!!!! (^^) doesnt she look spunky in her new outfits!!

Peach said...

have to agree with Sam, month 4 has been a delight and now, he's 5 months so we're in month 6, and he's rolling over, is more 'difficult' about things, but grins, laughs, shows his love, understands a few things which are easier to pick up for us adults and brings such a huge happiness to everyone he meets it is quite amazing.. I also love the fact I can calm him down when he gets tearful with others - not that I want dependency in him forever, but it is sooooo wonderful to make such a difference to such a little dude... makes me feel amazing xxx

Kayla's Mum said...

Gr Aunty Karen - Thankyou I know!!! Nanny took that one! xx

Nanny - You couldn't stay away from this blog if ya tried! :-P hehe xx

Neil - haha thats for sure! Thanks for poppin by hunni! xx

Peachy poo - ooo how exciting!!! The big move! I know you're busy so your visit is appreciated! Love to Harry too!! xx

Granma - LOL I wonder how she would turn out if you weren't her great Granma :-P! Ah cool glad you show this to your friends! I really like to show her off! :-) hehe! xx

JMay - hahaha I love the long comments! I will think about entering the angel pic somewhere! That is sooo cool that Bonnie ranked high in a cutie comp! No surprise though - she's gorgeous! Got ya top and love it - but don't worry it's actually miles too big for her lol! Thanks again! xx

Sam - ahhh yes the teething! Something I'm not looking forward to lol!! But I am looking forward to the cutness before then!xx

Kristy - Thanks again for the cutie outfits!!! You're a Legend!! xx

Peachy - Thats AWESOME!!! You've got me all excited now! You should soooo do a video clip of Harry!! I would LOVE to see it! xx

Anonymous said...