Sunday, March 8, 2009

Special Moment!

(*giggles* I always wanted to say that! :-P)

OK - So yesterday for the very first time Kayla learned how to bat objects!!! So cute! I have been trying for weeks to interest her in toys and stuff - hoping to entertain her some how when she gets really stroppy, but she would never really take much notice and would get more enjoyment out of staring at the ceiling! lol!

But yesterday I had her in her rocker and she got very cranky because she was due for a feed and nap! She chucked a tanty and threw her little arms up in a strop and accidentally bumped the little mobile that was hanging off it. The look on her face was like 'ooooo I can move things!!!' And then she became very curious and started banging it deliberately - she was so excited by it!

So I immediately grabbed the camera and started filming!

Unfortunately - I hadn't emptied the images in my camera for a while so the film kept cutting out due to the memory being full. So I would take a little snippet - then quickly delete something to make room for another little snippet etc. So I've added 3 videos of the little snippets I got!

This first clip is the cutest - just seconds after she JUST discovered it - but because I was in such a rush to capture it - I didn't have time to turn on the light, plus the lens was foggy because the camera had been in the air conditioning. (And it doesn't help that I had to shrink the file to upload it - so it lost MORE quality!) So I apologize for crap quality - but I just could not miss it! (and it doesn't make it any less of a special moment!) :-)

Isn't she just the cutest???!

This second clip is with the light on so you can see it a little better - but the lens was still foggy!...

And lastly... I finally realised that the lens was foggy - so I wiped it! But the novelty was starting to wear off for her because she was still due for a feed and nap! hehe! So I fed her and got her to bed after this one...

Gosh I love it when she discovers new things!!

We're really starting to notice what her likes and dislikes are too. Though there is not a lot she dislikes at the moment - but one thing I know she hates is having her feet tickled!

But the things that she loves that make her laugh is having her chubby cheeks grabbed at and having her lips tickled. By lips tickled I mean when you nuzzle the dummy or bottle up to her mouth she giggles because it tickles her.

She also loves to have her hair stroked - it makes her very smiley plus it relaxes her. And she LOVES it when we sing to her or even just talk to her (she sure loves her attention! But that's OK because we sure love to give it to her!)

She also loves this noise...

It makes her smile every time!!

And here are some of her favourite things...


Schuffle bunny is a cute youtube of a singing bunny. Kayla loves the song and gets smiley when she sees and hears it! (Although not all the time - sometimes I play it too much for her liking lol!)
The link to it is HERE if you want to check out what I'm talking about.

Blue Hippo!

This Hippo is a part of a group of cut out animals located just above the change table. She hates getting her nappy changed - so it's a perfect little distraction to keep her entertained while we change her. I don't know what it is about this Hippo - but there is something about it that calms her right down!! When ever she starts screaming with colic or any other problems she has, all we have to do is show her the Hippo and she will just stop and stare in awe!

Little Lion!

She loves this Lion too but it has a completely different effect on her! As soon as she sees him she is FULL of smiles, laughs her little head off and she wriggles her body with bursts of excitement. She loves to be real up close to him! (I must get a video of her with both of them to show you what I mean!)

It's funny because there are heaps of other animals there too - but she doesn't care for the others. It's just these too that she loves - it must be the colours or something!

And this is the strangest one...

This is a pattern on our curtain in our room. There's just something about this image that she is mesmerized by! When I put her down for naps in our bed sometimes - this picture always has to be in her view or she'll cry if she can't see it! She'll even try and force herself to stay awake just to stare and smile at it all day!

So I think it's pretty safe to say that her favourite colours are blue and orange! And funnily enough they are my two favourite colours to dress her in because they suit her so well and light up her face!

I can't wait to see what she'll discover next!!

By the way - I've been posting quite often lately so you may not have had a chance to see my last couple of posts! If ya haven't seen Kaylas latest photo shoot yet - click HERE. Also if you haven't seen her little comic strip yet either - click HERE! (Or ya can just scroll down! :-)) They are really cute!

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Ken said...

She is JUST SO CUTE, and SMART just like her uncle ken.... lol

No really she is just a doll. I am so happy for you two.

Jacquie May said...

That is so cool that she's learnt to hit her mobile! It's so funny how the littlest things are so amazing ay! I still remember when Bonnie first started waving her rattle toy around, I thought it was such the bestest thing ever! (She never had mobiles so missed out on that milestone moment that Kayla has just had).

And, yea, I read this yesterday and just remembered today that I forgot to comment! Oooo, I'm getting forgetful and naughty! Bonnie even watched the videos with me and we watched the bunny rabbit song on YouTube which she really enjoyed and got excited about :) Everytime Bonnie see's a baby on the computer now she says 'Bubba Kayla!' It's nice cause when they do meet one day Bonnie will know exactly who she is!

I'm kinda dreaming at the moment but have decided I'd like to have another trip to Townsville in about 2 years, when baby number 2 is about Bonnie's age now, 1.5yrs old. But will really have to see how finances are then! We'll see.


Trixie said...
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Sam said...

I'm so glad you have this blog for her sweetie...I get to see what otherwise stuff I'd be missing out on...shes so adorable! (But then we knew she would be!)

Kayla's Mum said...

Uncle Kenny - hahahaha! Well she may have your smarts but she inherited my gorjus good looks :-P *giggles* xx

JMAY - Yeah I know! The tiniest things are sooo special! I Can't wait for Kayla to start holding her toys! (I'll have the camera ready for that too!)

I thought BonBon would like the Shnuffles vid! That's sooo cute that every baby is Kayla to her! LOVE IT!!

That would be so cool if you could come to Townsville! But I wont hold my breath or I'll get too excited! haha! xx

Sam - Thanks! That was exactly what I was going for! It's really good because people who even live here and can see her every day can even miss out on the special moments! So this blog is good for them too! :-) xx