Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Cheek of it!

This Cheeky lil monkey has turned into quite the little smarty pants!!

She has figured out that when she cries, Mummy or Daddy attend to her to see what the problem is! Until now - she would usually only cry when she would wake up through the night to be fed or need a nappy change or when she is tired and cranky and due for a nap (or if she was in pain from belly aches.) But now - the little miss has learned to pretend cry and she likes to play a little game to test how much attention she can get!

The other night I couldn't sleep and was up very late - so I put Kayla in the nursery to sleep so that she wouldn't disrupt Dan's sleep when she was ready to feed. (She sleeps in our room with us for now because it get's very hot in the nursery with the weather at the moment.) After feeding and changing her I nursed her back to sleep and then put her in the cot. I was still wide awake so I went on the internet for a bit.

The minute I sat down, Kayla woke up and started crying, so I went in and checked on her and gave her the dummy because she usually likes to sleep with it. Moments later she started crying again but it was nothing like her usual cry - it was really put on with no real tears. So I went in again and put the dummy back in her mouth and she had a very cheeky smirk on her face! This continued for a while and I realized that she wasn't really grumpy at all in fact she seemed to be getting a kick out of it!

So I went in again and put the dummy back in her mouth, but this time I decided to hide behind the cot to spy on her. I watched the cheeky thing deliberately pull the dummy out of her mouth with her little hand! Then she let out a fake cry and then leaned over to look at the doorway with a big smile on her face like she was expecting me to walk in!

I couldn't believe it! She didn't even want her dummy - she was just pretending she did so that I would keep on coming in to see her - the cheeky thing! So I stayed in hiding to see what she would do next and when she realized I wasn't coming she continued with the fake crying and again peered over at the door with a big smile on her face! (It was kind of like peekaboo!)

I popped up and said "You Cheeky thing I know what you're up to!" Then she quickly wiped the smile off her face and started to pretend again that she was grumpy so that I wouldn't suspect anything! (She knew she was busted so she tried to cover it up!) So I stayed with her a little until she finally started to drift off and when I thought she was asleep I quietly left the room with plans to ignore her cheeky scheme if she tried it again. (It was getting very late and she needed to get some sleep!)

But once again when i left the room she carried on with it and after ignoring her cheeky attempt for a while, eventually she became really upset and starting crying for real because I wasn't giving her the attention she wanted!

By this time it was about 4am and I was ready for bed myself, so I went in and picked her up and she let out a big giggle! I had a laugh with her in the end because I had to hand it to her - she was very clever to fool me like she did!

As soon as I opened the door to our room she had a burst of excitement with laughter and when I layed her down - she fatted out on the bed, let out a big sigh and fell asleep with a big grin on her face!

It's amazing how fast they learn!

Here is a cutie clip of the Cheeky Miss!

And here are the latest piccys...

Fun with wigs!!

Dan reckons she looks like a baby Elaine Clark here (JMays Mum)...



The poor thing puts up with a lot from us!! lol

Clip of the week!

Playing with Daddy!

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Losing the baby weight...

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Sam said...

HAHAHAHA! I immediately thought of Elaine when I saw that photo as well!!!!

Ken said...

Okay, welcome to parenthood! And you stop doing that to that little angel, When she gets older and see's these she will kick your bums lol

Dark Side said...

I don't know who is the video with Dan..xx

Jacquie May said...

Hahaha, that is such a funny story! I told Michael and he said 'Kayla's obviously cheeky like her mum!'

Photos are great too. It is funny what our children have to put up with from us... There have been times when I've felt sorry for the crazy things I've done to Bonnie for photos too!


nitebyrd said...

She has you trained well.

Love the videos, she's just a doll!

Kayla's Mum said...

Sam - hahaha I think Elaine is the only one with hair like that! xx

Ken - LOL never thouht of that :P xx

Rae - haha yeh that vid is my fave so far xx

JMAY - Ha! Me cheeky? Never! :P Yeah our poor kids! I'm sure they'll get us back somehow! xx

Nite - She sure has! and Thanks xx

trublmaka said...

just be careful what you do to your children.. they choose your nursing home!!!!

Coop does the same thing too.. I've caught him a couple of times. But now he's found something better than fakin it - pulling himself up to stand!

Time flies, but those pics are precious!!

Leesa said...

Hi Rach!!

My... She is sooo cute! I am just now checking in and catching up with blogs and I had to see how the precious one was doing... She is growing fast! I hope you and hubby are doing greet... Sending hugs and love from France!!!
Leesa : )

Kayla's Mum said...

Trub - hahaha yeh true!! Oh I can't wait till Kayla starts standing... I think! :-P xx

Leesa - Hello dear lady lovely to hear from you! We are doing fantastic! Thanks for popping in!! xx