Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Now that I've finally learned how to shrink AVI files and upload videos easily to Blogger, I thought I'd share some old videos of Kayla that I wanted to post at the time they were made - but missed out because I couldn't get them to work on here!

But because there are SO MANY - I'd be nuts to post them all! So instead I've picked a handful of random snippets and transferred them all onto the one video! WANNA SEE?!! :-D!!

It's about 7mins long - so make sure you watch it when you've got some time. Now - I had a bit of trouble editing this - because the programs preview wasn't working for some reason! So I actually had to guess that everything was in order, and I couldn't actually view the final product until I transformed it into a video! (Which took bloody hours to do!) So some of the clips drag on a bit - so please just bare with it! :-)

(Note: Make sure you turn the volme on the video down a bit before you play it! My voice can get very loud and annoying because the camera's mic is right up close to my mouth! [Plus the vid begins with Kayla's piercing new born cry!]) Heehee!...



I can't believe how much she has grown already!

Speaking of Flashbacks - I finally got some photos I didn't have off Mum and Dad, so I wanted to share them with you too...

In the Delivery Room...

In Special Care...

By the way! I've decided it's time to get my butt in gear and lose the baby weight! I wanted to lose a bit of weight before I fell pregnant, but there wasn't much hope of that when suddenly I ballooned even more from the pregnancy! Then after I had Bub the last thing I wanted to do was diet because I was on such a strict eating plan with the Gestational diabetes - all I wanted was some junkfood! (Hi, my names Rachel and I'm a junkfoodaholic!) lol I was stuffing my face with red frogs the minute Kayla was born! ha!

But anyways - I've had my junkfood fix now (so I say!) - and it certainly hasn't helped with losing the baby weight! (no suprise!) So the time has come for me to get healthy again, and to help motivate me I've attached a weight loss ticker which will appear at the end of every post to share my progress with you all!

And if you notice it doesn't go down... feel free to kick my butt about it! *giggles*

I need to lose 12.6KG but I want to lose 16.6KG to reach my goal of 54KG. My usual healthy weight is 58KG (I've never been lighter than that) but I wanted to make a bigger challenge for myself! So wish me luck! :-)

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Losing the baby weight...

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trublmaka said...

Oooh, so beautiful!!!
Thankyou for sharing huny..
But I gotta say.. even after childbirth, and being so tired YOU STILL LOOK GORJUS! (yes I'm jealous!!)

I'm with you on the weightloss.. I been getting my sh*t sorted too.. I'm currently 100kg and desperately trying to shake it off (atleast to 74kg.. hopefully less) so we're in it together!!
You're not alone babes
hugs n kisses for li'l lady kayla

nitebyrd said...

Wishing you lots of luck! You'll do it, I know.

I'm still trying to lose the baby weight from when my daughter was born. She's 31 years old now! LOL

Kayla's Mum said...

Trub - *giggles* Shucks! Don't be jealous - you may have more to lose - but most of your weight is in your big boobies!! ;-) hehehe! So thats a good thing! :-) LETS DO THIS!!! xx

Nite - Thankyhoo!! :-) HAHA! OMG - well I sure hope it doesn't take me 31 years to lose 16.6KG lol! (Although in 31 years time I probably would have lost the weight and then gained it again including another 100KG from having even more kids! LOL! :-P) xx

Trixie said...
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Jacquie May said...

Super cute video! Grandma and Grandad watched it with me. It's very cool to see the vids. I took a short clip of Bonnie this morning for you to see her talking so I'll have a go at uploading it now while Mike has taken her out with him for the morning! (& before I start doing more of the online hunts!)

Kayla's Mum said...

JMAY - Thanks!! Saw the videos - super cute!!! ... more please! xx