Monday, March 16, 2009

This and That!

Well there's not a lot to talk about lately - because nothing much has changed since my last post. Kayla is smiling more by the day and her personality is really shining through. She's staying awake for longer periods at a time now because she is more entertained by the things around her but she still wakes every 2 to 3 hours in the night! (*sigh*) I sooo can't wait until she starts sleeping through!!

We took her to a friends BBQ the other night where there were other children and bubs - and Kayla had a blast! She is so fascinated by other 'little people' she just stared and smiled at the other children all night it was adorable! When we first arrived she was due for a nap and had already been awake for about 3 hours before we left. So I was really expecting her to sleep the whole time we were there or be a very cranky little girl. But she loved it so much - she ended up staying awake with smiles for a further 4 hours (That's 7 hours in total!!)

I'm totally kicking myself, because there were some really gorgeous moments she had with Cooper (Natt and Daves baby who is 6 months old) and I went to grab my camera out of my bag but couldn't find it! I figured I left it at home, but by the time we got home... there it was... in the baby bag... the WHOLE TIME!!! So I could have captured some really cute photos of them together and I'm really bummed out that I miss out!

Ah well there's always next time!

We finally got Kayla's Pediatric appointment time in the mail for her hernia. It is on the 7th of April at 8:30am - which is actually the same day that Grandad John and Aunty Emily arrive!!! (Daniel's Father and Sister) but they arrive at night - so it works out fine. We are really looking forward to their arrival and can't wait for them to meet little Kayla.

Oh... here's some news - The little Chubette is now a size 00! Actually she only JUST fits into a size 00 and is just about a size 0!! She is such a little porker! But we can't figure out why? She doesn't even feed as much as the average baby her age is suppose to - so we are definitely not over feeding her. She is really cute though... I've always loved chubba bubbas, and I guess all babies are different so we are not worried.

Speaking of Porkers... I've lost 2.6KG since my last post! hehe!! So that weight loss ticker has really helped to motivate me! :-)

Here are some recent photos of the Chubette...

Clip of the week!

This was so funny! We were giving Kayla a bath the other night and she was full of smiles because I kept making the 'brrrrrr' noise that she loves. Then Dan decided to give it a go too to try and make her smile, but her reaction to Dans attempt was much different...

heehee! I can't decide whats funnier... Kaylas reaction, or Daniels attempt at making that noise!! Thanks for stopping by! xx

Losing the baby weight...

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trublmaka said...

Aww that's gorjus!!!
I was SOO bummed out we missed those shots! But we'll get 'em next time!!
What a bugger you had it but couldn't find it!
I've so often had that trouble! (worse still is holding it in my hand out of the way so I could look for the camera!! *duherrr*)

Love that clip!!!
Gawd bless daddy for trying it but her reaction is just priceless!!


Sam. said...

Ahhh.... thats so funny! Well done on the weight loss!

Dark Side said...

Aw how much is she starting to look like Dan in those pics..xx

nitebyrd said...

That is so funny! Giggles, she is so damn cute!

What's a size 00? You better tell me her weight and length, our sizes go my months. I'll be at an outlet (discount) mall on Saturday, what does she need?

Kayla's Mum said...

Trub - haha yeh! Always next time! Yeah I love that little clip - at the end you hear Dan saying "That would have been funny!" because he thought the camera wasn't on! But I got it! :-D xx

Sam - Cheers! xx

Rae - Yeah I've noticed that too... you've reminded me to have another look at our old baby pics! xx

Nite - hehe Thanks! Have sent ya an email! xx