Monday, January 19, 2009

Visit from Cousin Emma!

YAY!!! Dan and I had a fantastic time catching up with cousin Emma Appleby and meeting her partner Kris last Saturday night! They are here in Townsville for work until late February.

Emma was the first in Dan's side of the family to finally meet and have cuddles with Kayla, so it was a very exciting event for us (and hopefully for her too! hehe!)

Next will be Daniel's sister 'Auntie Emily' who will be coming sometime in late February, and then Daniel's Father 'Grandad John' who will be joining us in April! CAN'T WAIT!!

It's so very exciting catching up with our NZ family! We've been trying to get back to Gizzy for years, but something always gets in our way and stops us from coming (money issues mainly!) So in a way it's like a bit of Gizzy comes to us when a family member comes to visit! Very special indeed!

So who will be next eh? :-) *giggles*

OK, OK... we will try and make a trip to Gizzy ourselves sometime hopefully this year - now that we have a cute little Bubette to show off!
:-) ... promise! Thanks for stopping by! xx

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Jacquie May said...

So awesome that Emma made it over! How lucky is she getting Kayla cuddles!

Kayla's Mum said...

JMay - haha yeah! So many jealous peoples!! *giggles* xx