Saturday, August 29, 2009


Teddybear photos are becoming impossible to take now - she is such a wriggle worm! hehe!

Current Weight: 14400 grams
Current Length: 78cm (roughly)
Current Size: 1 - 2

(Use the online converter if you would like to work it out in pounds and inches.)

Late again I know... but life has been hectic I tell yas!

By keeping track of each month like this - I've realized that Kayla really does grow more and more each month - not just in size (heck she is huge!!) but in maturity too! It's very exciting watching her learn more and more every month! There has never been a time when I haven't been able to mention any new discoveries she has made! But time does go so fast and with seeing her every day - it can be easy to miss the little things and assume that she has always been that way at that present time! Like last month she said her first word 'Dada' and when I think of it now - it feels like that is old news because even since then she has come a long way - and if I thought of it now - I wouldn't have been able to appreciate it as much! So this blog is great for me to be able to appreciate the little things as they happen - and I am able to see just how much she has grown from one post to the next!

Since then - she has been yapping away with a wider vocabulary!! Now she can say Mama too! (YES!!!!) She's certainly found her voice and has a huge range of different tones and sounds now. The girl likes the sound of her own voice... the trick last month was to try and get her to talk - but the trick this month is to try and get her to be quiet!!! Hehe! It's cute really - but when it is bedtime and it's time to sleep - she is all too happy to yell and howl and test out her singing voice when it's time to shhh. (She even talks in her sleep!! lol)

She is such a funny little thing!! I can remember when Dan and I would bend over backwards embarrassing ourselves doing all sorts of silly things just to try to get a giggle out of her! But now she just giggles at everything - she loves to laugh and she has Dan and I in fits of laughter too! It's becoming clear to us that she is quite the entertainer and she actually gets great joy out of making others laugh. She's a little comedian and puts on a great show for every body.

But she does have a shyness about her too - when we have visitors or she is around new people - she spends the first half an hour very quiet sussing them out. She gets this funny puzzled look on her face and looks really serious. But it doesn't take long before she starts showing off to them too.

She is understanding us so much more now too. Although she can't quite say the words herself - she reacts to some of our words to show us that she understands what we are saying. (Babies are so smart aren't they!!) Like...

We say 'up' - she raises her arms.
We say 'cat' - she looks around the room for a cat.
I say 'Dada's home' - and she looks at the door and waits for him to walk in.
We say 'wheres Kayla?' - and she covers her face for peekaboo! (and so on.)

Peekaboo is my favorurite! She absolutely loves it! She covers her face and waits giggling until we say "wheres Kayla?" and then she pulls it away from her face and yells BOO! and laughs her lil head off! She even tries to hold the blanket up to my face and pull it away with a BOO too! It is so cute! She is definately a little smarty pants and knows exactly what is going on!

She is just so much fun to play with... I love laying with her on the bed and she rolls around and crawls all over me. She's not quite crawling yet but she's very close. Poor little thing is so chubby - she gets herself all puffed out trying to move herself around! hehe! Wont be long though - and when she starts walking the weight will probably drop off her because she will be unstoppable!

She moves and holds objects with ease now like there is nothing to it! She is holding her own bottle too (she started doing it like the day after I did her last post.) She's like my little mini me and mimics everything I do. I picked up the phone to answer it the other day and Kayla picked up a toy and put it to her ear. I just love it!

She is showing empathy now too. There has been a few times where I have cried in front of her and she has looked at me, frowned and put her hand on my leg and gives me this look as if to say "Oh poor Mummy ... don't be sad." It's a total heart melter!

But my favourite thing this month is that the clever little thing has learnt to do the actions to a song I sing to her. The song is 'Miss Polly had a Dolly' and she just loves it! As soon as I say "Miss" her face lights up and she starts bouncing around like mad with excitement! There are a few actions I do in the song such as shaking my head as I sing "He looked at the dolly and he shook his head" and pointing my finger as I sing "He said Miss Polly put her straight to bed." Kayla has picked it up really fast and she points her little finger and shakes her head with the song!

But not only does she do it with the song - she does it all the time when ever she feels like it... because she can! LOL!

Here is a cute little clip of Kayla with her new head shaking talent (as posted on facebook) haha!

Can't wait for the new stuff next month brings!

Besides that I just want to give a few quick mentions...

A Huge Thanks to Sue for the beautiful parcel of lovely clothes she sent for Kayla! (I know it was a while ago now - and I can't remember if we remembered to Thank you on the phone!?) But it was a very lovely surprise and your card was ESPECIALLY beautiful it actually made me cry!! ... So Thank you!!! OH! And Dan and I both are SO looking forward to seeing you and Em here for your visit to Townsville very soon! YAY!!!!!!!!!!! xoxox

Also Thanks to the lovely Auntie Jan, Anna, Glen and little Harry for the beautiful Kayla plaque you made for her! (I don't know if you read this blog but I hope you get this message somehow if not from here lol!) It was very thoughtful of you guys and the photos of Harry are adorable too!! xoxox

And Congratulations to Natt and Dave on their beautiful Wedding which took place on the 28th of August.

Mr and Mrs Brown

It was a beautiful day and Dan and I were very honored to be part of the Bridal Party...

May the rest of your days be just as beautiful as your wedding day!
(all dramas aside!!! ;-))

And lastly Congratulations to JMay on your beautiful new bubby boy Jake!!! He is gorgeous!! (And so is Bonnie!!!)

Bon Bon with her new baby brother Jake

JMay if you decide to make a blog like this for little Jake - let me know and I'll set one up for ya! ;-)

OK... photo time....

Cutie bunz...

Watching Telly with Dada...

Playing guitar with Dada...

Where's Kayla?...


lil monkey...

Sweety Pie...

Little Miss Swim suit...

Pretty Pixie...

She was standing all on her own here...

and she was proud of it!!... Thanks for stopping by! xx

Losing the baby weight...

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Jacquie May said...

Super cute! I can't believe how chubby bubby Kayla is! All the more to cuddle right ;-)
Looking forward to one day getting over there for cuddles and to see our bubs play together!
PS Happy Daddys Day Daniel!

trublmaka said...

FINALLY got this window to open!! - now to see if it lets me POST!

<3 <3
SOOO beautiful - but she has been all along!
I am sooo proud of her!! (and of mum n dad too!!)
Happy 1st Father's day Dan!
Standing on her own.. not much longer now!!

And thankyou so much for sharing our day with us!!
love u always

trublmaka said...
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