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Current Weight: 17500g

Current Length: 88cm
Current Size: 3-4
(All approx)

Well this is the most far behind I have been so far! With being busy with wedding and family stuff and also because my naughty computer is just so ridiculously slow at uploading photo's it's depressing!

But - the posts must go on and I shall do my best at trying to remember all the goss on Bubette in the last 2 months! (Separating them into two posts.)

In her 17th Month she had pretty much hit her terrible 2's early!

Challenging our authority and testing the boundaries by demanding and throwing tantrums when ever she wanted to get her hands on something she wasn't allowed. She's reached that age where she feels like she is old enough to do all the grown up things that we do - more so the dangerous things like handling sharp knives to cut her own fruit etc. She has this obsession with knives lately - always trying to get her hands on one! I don't know why - most likely because of the simple fact that she know's she is not allowed it! lol She was very hyperactive in this month too - just really full on and hard to keep up with, but that's not such a bad thing because it's great that she's active - just very exhausting. But she would get in silly moods and would sometimes bite, scratch, pinch, hit, pull my hair and throw heavy objects at Mummy's head - which I didn't find very fun at all! What worried me more was that she did it for fun more-so than out of frustration, because she would giggle and find it so hilarious when I was clearly in pain from one of her attacks - it could be quite frightening!

It was kind of funny sometimes though - because if she'd make me cry, she'd hug me and pat me on the back and say "awww you're alright... you're alright" which is what we do to her when she bumps herself or trips or something. So I had to wonder if she would try to get these painful reactions out of us just so she could comfort us like we do to her! (If that makes sense.) haha cheeky thing! At least she is capable of being sympathetic anyway! lol

She finally started calling me MUMMY!! (Not Dada anymore!!) So that has been really exciting for me! Plus she is calling many people by their names now - one name she often likes to say is "Jacquie" referring to her Aunty Jacquie of course - when ever she see's photo's of her or just anyone with long red hair! lol

Her vocabulary improves by the day and she is pretty much learning at least one new word per day now - she is a very fast learner! She's finally saying "cat" now instead of every cat being "Bart" as well as many other animal names followed with the sounds each animal makes. (Like Dog - Woof Woof.)

Nanny and Poppy took her to the show this month which she really enjoyed. A few night's before hand when Kayla spent the night at my parents house - Nanny was laying down with Kayla in the dark before bed time and instead of reading her a story - she spoke to Kayla about going to the show soon. This is how the conversation went...

Nanny: Nanny and Poppy will be taking you to the show soon, shall we go to the petting zoo and feed some baby animals?
Kayla: Yeah?
Nanny: What animals should we feed? Shall we feed the lambs?
Kayla: Yeah?
Nanny: Shall we feed the duckies?
Kayla: Yeah?
Nanny: What about the chickens?
Kayla: Yum Yum!!

*giggles* She sure loves her chicken that girl!!

She ended up really enjoying herself at the show and loved feeding the lambs! Apparently she giggled a lot when the lamb fed out of her hand - wish I could have been there to see it! She also loved putting the balls in the clowns mouths to win little prizes, in fact even now she still mimics the clowns by opening her mouth very wide and slowly moving her head back and forth like the clowns do! LOL Silly munchkin! Apparently she LOVED the speedway racing too which surprised me because I thought she'd be scared of the loud fast cars and monster trucks - but instead she cheered them on and yelled "WEEEEEE" each time one would fly past! And she came home with a Yo Gabba Gabba showbag - which she loved! Thanks again Mum, Dad and Granma for taking her for us! xx

She's got a great appetite now and even lets us know exactly what she feels like eating! She especially loves her yoghurt and will demand for some if she's not happy with what she has been given. We'll set her up on her highchair and hand her vegies or something for dinner, she'll take one look and cross her arms and shake her head saying "NO!... Yoghurt!!" Cheeky thing! She's usually pretty good though because she seems to understand when I tell her that she can have some yoghurt afterwards if she eats her dinner! So eventually she will eat it and will be treated with some yoghurt if she is still hungry.

She also asks for Apples, Banana's and Oranges too - her latest favourite is fruit kebabs, chopped up fruit put on a paddle pop stick. I'm just glad she hasn't learnt to say chocolate yet! lol

Ok well a lot more has happened since then so I will save it for the next month post (which I'll be carrying on with right now.) But in the meantime here are the photo's for her 17th Month before I get too confused! hehe...

Playdates at Granma's house...

evil I tell you... =P

Out to Lunch with Nanny and Granma...

Off to the show...

Clown game...

She wins a prize!...

wee break...


Home time...

Back at Nanny and Poppy's she opens her showbag!...

Looks like it was a lot of fun! I look forward to going next year! (hopefully)

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Anonymous said...

You're not alone on the whole knives thing hunny.
I've had to actually teach Cooper how to use it for cutting and he is finally starting to understand he MUST have mummy's help to use it - though he still tries to be sly and sneak it off the bench when he thinks I am not looking!! Little rotter!!

<3 NattyWatt
Both my bubs attack with pinching biting, punching - all the nasty things, even though its not what we do to them!!- and they both laugh ... if its done to each other they just keep retaliating..
I've been trying everything, what works one day fails the next.
Though they seem to be slowing down on the nasties with being taught the whole hand up, "STOP! I don't like it" (that's what they do in the daycare, etc, so I'm using it here to try some sort of consistency.)

Cooper still bites hard when his teeth hurt, and all 4 canines coming through is hell for the poor thing :( but he still gets disciplined for biting. Telling them "you make _____ sad and cry when you bite!"...

It does settle down, everything is always showing them what reaction they're going to get, what power they hold and what they are capable of - even if they don't understand speech.

Glad Kayla likes her fruit and yoghurt!! Same as my ratbags too!! LOL

Anonymous said...

btw ^ that was from me.. Natty <3 !!!!