Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Notice the Teddy is getting smaller? :-P

Current Weight: 8180 grams
Current Length: 68cm
Current Size: 00 - 0

(Use the online converter if you would like to work it out in pounds and inches.)

Another Month older and growing fast!! She's always been a clever little thing but she continues to get even more clever each week!!

She's grabbing objects with ease now and picks things up (and puts them straight in her mouth!!) so we've got to watch her more closely. She's almost able to hold her own bottle too - but not quite - it gets a bit heavy for her and she drops it. (I prefer to hand bottle feed her anyway.)

She's such a cheeky little thing... and it's real hard to take photos of her lately because she plays peekaboo with the camera!! Our camera makes a beep noise right before the flash goes off and she gets really amused by it. Her eyes light up when I get the camera ready and she sits and waits for the beep - then she'll cover her face or turn around quickly and giggle because she knows the flash is coming!! She laughs her little head off - thinks it's sooo funny!! - Cheeky Girl!

She also gets in these overtired moods and starts acting really silly! She'll pull my hair, kicks and scratches and laughs hysterically when she's really tired!! It can be cute but not at sleep time!!

We took her to our friends house Natt and Daves the other night and Kayla had a play in the Jolly Jumper who Natt borrowed from another friend, Neil for their baby Cooper (8 months old). She absolutely loved it - so now we have borrowed it for Kayla! (Thanks Natt and Neil!!) She gets so excited in it and squeals and bounces around it's soooo cute!!

I recommend it to anyone who has a baby - it's the greatest invention I've ever seen! lol

We will be starting her on solids really soon so that should be exciting!! The other night I was sitting on the couch picking at some chicken and I had Kayla on my lap. I wasn't paying much attention and I had a bit of chicken in my fingers and was about to put it in my mouth. But before I had the chance to - the little Miss went straight for it! - she leaned forward and opened her mouth and it went straight in her gob!!! She didn't swallow it or anything but she got a good taste and you should have seen the look on her face - she was like " oooo YUMMY!!! Mum what is this stuff and why haven't you introduced me to it before!!!?" It was hilarious!!!

Since then she has been eyeing off our food and tries to grab it! So I think she is more than ready for her solids!

Here are some recent piccys (That were captured when she wasn't playing peekaboo!)

Posing for Nanny...

Little homie girl...

Mummys little helper...

Kayla 'hanging' with her boyfriend Cooper...

Kayla gives Cooper the talk...

But Coop just could not resist...

Later that night...


Clip of the Week!

Filmed by Nanny!
Kayla having a Jolly good time at Nanny and Poppy's!!
(sorry it's a bit long - I didn't have the heart to crop it because there are too many cute bits!)

Ok.. my favourite part is at 2:15 where the song goes "she'll push and pull you down" Kayla raises her arm and then does a push down motion with her hand just as he sings "pull you down"and then she does a little dance! I was in FITS of laughter when I first saw this - it was like a little dance routine!

By the way... I've lost 10KGs so far!!! WooHoo! :-) Thanks for stopping by! xx

Losing the baby weight...

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trublmaka said...

You're most welcome hunny!
I need to film it, but Cooper goes nuts when he sees photos of Kayla! I thought I was imagining things, but when it happened 3rd time in a row, it made me decide, it's not a coincidence!
I played the clip for the kids, Tarryn was waving saying "hello" to Kayla then got busy dancing right along with her!! lol

The clip is so cute!!!
Glad to see she's loving the jolly jumper as much as Cooper did!


Jacquie May said...

Those pics on the change table are so angelic yet so cheeky looking! Love them! Man, the months just fly by don't they...


Neil said...

4 months old already?! no way!! i think ur lying :P.. i LOVE those piccies on the change table! esp the first one... i think i felt my heart melt heehe.. shes turning into quite the cheeky one isnt she? shes so adorable!

Kayla's Mum said...

Trub - awww how cute!!! You'll havta get a film of that one! :-) xx

JMay - yeah they are pretty cute huh! xx

Neil - hehe yeah they seem to be a favourite! And I Know!!! How fast does time fly???xx

SSC~ The Domestic Diva said...

Four months wow has time flown by! She is adorable and you look great MOMMY!

nitebyrd said...

What a big girl! Gosh, she is such a doll!

Congrats! on the weight loss.

Kristy said...

I vote the first "changetable" pic to be put into a cutest baby comp!!!! <3

trublmaka said...

Wishing you a most wonderful and VERY happy 1st Mother's Day my sweet!!
Welcome to the mother's club - officially!!

Lots of luv from us hunnyhunnyhunny