Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Proud Parents!

Hey Guys! Sorry I've been so slack with the posting lately! I've been spending my computer time on working on Kayla's Photo book that I'm creating for her first year.

I had a break from it for a while but realized that I suddenly had heaps of new photos that needed to be sorted into it before it all got on top of me!

This is what the cover is going to be...

I can't WAIT to get it published!!!

Kayla is doing so well!! I mentioned a while ago that Kayla could actually stand on her own by holding herself up on the couch. Apparently it is quite unheard of for a 3month old - but I didn't know this because she is my first, so I didn't know much about what was normal and what was not normal for a baby. But people have been blown away by this and some people didn't even believe me when I told them about it!

So I got my camera out and got to snapping away to prove it ;-)!

Holding herself up standing on her own!!!

I decided to take her dress off and have her do it again just to give a better view of it.

She just LOVES standing! Even from when we first took her home and I would go to sit her on my lap and she would have her legs out stiff and ready to stand up instead of sitting down. She would also walk up my chest sometimes from just 10 days old!

We discovered that she could stand up on her own like this weeks ago, and at the time her record was 9 seconds. But now she can hold herself up for a good 30 seconds at a time! It's pretty amazing to us! She gets so excited when she does it and lets out a big giggle and she gets this cheeky grin on her face because she knows she's very clever!

She is so full of life all the time now - and her playful nature and giggles and smiles really bring us so much joy! There was a time where we could be so exhausted and couldn't wait to have a break from her. Between Dan and I we would sometimes fight for a break from her and tag each other with who had to watch her. "It's YOUR turn to watch her Daddy" No it's YOUR turn! - I had her this morning!"

But now we fight to HAVE her! "Let Mummy play with her now! You've been hogging her for the last hour!" "Just a little longer! You have her all day while I'm at work!" haha. She's just so much fun to play with now! (Ok - so maybe a little break here and there is still nice too :-P)

She's starting to sleep through now too!!!................... Just not at the right time!!!!

She's fully alert from 1:30pm - 3pm until 3am with a few naps in between! BUT she sleeps from 3am to 1:30pm -3pm with a few sleepy feeds in between. She can sleep up to 12 hours now! But getting the timing right is very difficult. I try to keep her up during the day but she can get very cranky and will end up falling asleep in my arms anyway! But hopefully if I can make her stay up just an extra hour each day - we can get there eventually. The only problem is - I have to be awake when she's awake, so I sleep when she sleeps - which makes it hard for me to get into routine too. But we'll get there!

I'm just glad that she's sleeping well now! And no more exhausting awakenings every 2 hours!!

Some piccys...

Daddy being a Kayla Hog! :-P...

Mummys Turn!...

My Camera videos aren't working any more :-( I have to get a new camera! So there's no clip of the week this time I'm sorry. Thanks for stopping by! xx

Losing the baby weight...

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Jacquie May said...

Super cute! Bonnie must've known there was a new update cause she jumped up on my lap as soon as I started up the laptop and started asking for Bubba Kayla!

Neil said...

STANDING UP!!! ALREADY!!!! my goodness... i've never seen or heard of a 3 month old doing that! what a clever little chook! glad to hear she is sleeping better for you guys, i love the piccies of her and dan... just precious... i love daddy and daughter photos... she's so beautiful.. i know i keep saying but she is!

Almost makes me want another...haha!


Sam said...

Oh she's such a little sweetie and soooo advanced!!! Will hopefully be booking the tickets back home by the end of the week! (booking them, not returning then, lol)

SSC~ The Domestic Diva said...

Hey lady how is it going? Your baby is the cutest. You are such a good mom by doing the album thing I never finished with my boys. I love the cover of the book so much personality Kayla has.

I haven't been following because I didn't add you to my blog roll because I didn't know if that was okay since you have pictures of the baby and you only gave your address to a select few bloggers. If you don't mind I would like to put it up so I can follow on a regular basis.

Let me know by email or a comment. She is a doll and I love the pictures!!!!!

Reffinej said...

She is adorable Rae, I love the photo book cover, its too cute XD

Love Reffinej

Kayla's Mum said...

JMay - Hahaha that's so cute! I can't wait till Kayla starts talking and can say cousin Bonnie! :-) xx

Neil - hehehe Thankyouu! Yeah she's a clever lil thing! I love the daddy daughter shots too! Ooooo could you be next on the list then Neil? ;-) - someone is always pregnant in our group! :-P xx

Sam - Yay!!! I can't imagine Christmas time tho - Kayla will be 1 years old!!! Ooooo you could come to her Birthday Party! YAY!! xx

SSC - Thanks for stopping by! That's totally fine - of course you can add me to your blogroll! xx

Reffy - nawww Thank youuu xx