Friday, February 13, 2009


Boy what an unfortunate day!!!

Ya know how some days run so smoothly and everything is great with not a worry in the world? And then you get the odd day where everything goes wrong like the day is out to get you and will stop and nothing?! Well today was one of those days!!!

The night before last, Kayla was absolutely perfect! It was the first time I had felt truly confident in myself as a Mother. She barely cried once, as I had developed a routine and was able to attend to her needs before she even knew that she needed them! Like at feeding time, rather than her letting me know that she was hungry - I already knew, and was able to catch her just as she was waking up rather than waiting for her to cry. I would feed her, burp her and she would go back to sleep like a little angel until the next feed. (AND she would let me put her down to sleep!!) The whole day and night continued like this and it was the best day I had yet! I felt that finally Motherhood had become like a second nature to me, and that I was very in tune with her and could deal with any problems that would occur.

Today though... was a DIFFERENT STORY!!!

First in the early hours from about midnight to 2am the little Miss was more agitated then she has ever been! She just would not settle! Didn't want her bottle, didn't want cuddles and wouldn't go to sleep!!! It was really heartbreaking just not knowing what was wrong or how to fix it! But eventually she just ended up crying herself to sleep.

I ended up getting too worked up myself to be able to drift off to sleep when she had finally nodded off. So I didn't actually fall asleep until about 4am! But then half an hour later, Kayla woke up screaming again for a feed.

I know she was hungry because she was long past due for a feed (but wouldn't feed earlier) plus she was doing the 'Neh Neh' signal for hunger and sucking on anything that came near her mouth lol! She was absolutely starving but she just would not take her bottle! I would put the bottle up to her mouth and she would start sucking like mad, but then immediately push it away and would start getting really worked up!

I tried changing the bottle, changing the teat, changing the formula and even tried putting her on the breast! But she just would not have it! It couldn't have been her oral thrush causing her discomfort because it has just about cleared up. I tried burping her, comforting her, changing her, bathing her, giving her a massage for belly wind, playing with her, entertaining her, nursing her to sleep EVERYTHING!!! But it seemed the more I tried, the more worked up she got.

All I could do was wait till she cried herself to sleep again and then when she finally did she would wake up every 10minutes - scream - reject the bottle - and scream herself to sleep again! By this stage I was just soooo tired it was really testing my patience! Finally she seemed to have fallen into a deep sleep when Dan was about to leave for work, and I thought (hoped) that she would sleep through and give me a chance to get some proper sleep myself.

Just as I began to drift off, Dan came in and handed me a parcel that he had spotted on the front lawn as he was driving out. It was Kayla's birth certificate that we had waited ages for!

It cost us over $60 for a standard Birth Certificate and a professional one to frame. But to my horror, due to a big storm last night, both of these certificates were DRENCHED in water and totally ruined!! So now we are going to have to get another one!!

Being already emotional and totally sleep deprived - I just started bawling my eyes out! Poor Dan felt awful leaving me like that but tried to comfort me by saying "It's OK hun, Kayla is finally asleep, you can get your sleep now." So now it was my turn to cry myself to sleep!

But just as I was beginning to drift off and Dan had just pulled out of the driveway, Kayla started screaming again! Now I was too tired to physically deal with it. At about 8am it had just came to the point where I did not have the energy to try anymore so I had to call Mum to come and take her away from me.

But as it turned out - she was on her way anyway because Mum looks after Kayla every Friday! I was just so tired, I thought it was still Thursday! lol!

Mum took her to the pharmacy to see a baby specialist to get her weighed and measured to keep an eye on her growth. She's a little on the chubby side but that's a good thing! Means she is feeding well and is not underweight! But this lady believes that she has bad colic and reflux! So maybe that is what the problem is. Also I should mention that at Kayla's 6 week check up we found out that her belly button problem is actually a hernia! But not to worry because apparently it doesn't cause her discomfort and should hopefully disappear as she grows. If it is still there when she is 3 years old she'll have to have surgery.

Meanwhile, I caught up on some much needed rest but had developed a horrible miagraine which had me waking in agony every hour or so! Good thing Mum had Kayla for the day because I didn't get up until 3pm!!

Just before Mum returned Kayla to me (4:30pm) I jumped on the computer to carry on with a project I've been working on in my spare time. It's this program where you create gorgeous photobooks to capture all your wonderful memories. It's very expensive to get published, but it's amazing quality and takes a lot of time and creativity to create so it's well worth it. (My Brother Danial's girlfriend just had one made of their holiday - it's absolutely beautiful!) I have been working on one for Kaylas first year (Much like this blog - transformed into a book) and by the end of the year I wanted to get it published.

Hours and hours of creativity and hard work has been put into this book and getting every page absolutely perfect (I had 30 pages so far!) But when I tried to open it to do some more to it before Kayla got here... an error message appeared saying 'File corrupted, unable to open file.'

All my hard work into this beautiful book................. GONE!!!!!

I have tried everything to get it back... but it's just not going to happen! :-(!!! I'm going to have to start from scratch again!

I am absolutely devastated to lose 2 precious keepsakes in one day! First Kayla's Birth Certificate and now this! *sigh*

I heard that Friday the 13th is a very unlucky day - but this is ridiculous!

I just hope I don't come across a black cat...


Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day!

(Sorry I don't have any more photos to show you at this stage - I went to take some but the batteries went flat in my camera! [of course they did! I couldn't be so lucky on a day like today!]) Thanks for stopping by! xx

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Trixie said...
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Sam said...

Oh honey, what a bugger of a day!

Firstly, check with the post office, if you can claim on your mail being damaged when arrived.

Second...check with the website you were using if they can retrieve your file.

Dunno if any of that helps, but I sure hope it does!

No advice on the Kayla reminded me of days like that I had with Joseph...urgh...I don't miss those days! (but it does get better, I promise!)

Ron said...

Oy Vey!

Sorry to hear about your day!?!

Darn...those Friday the 13th's!!!

Just wanted to stop by and wish you a Happy Valentines Day!!!

Sending much love your way!

P.S. and the photo's of Kayla are PRECIOUS!!!


Jacquie May said...

O man! Unfortunately I think days like that one (for Kayla) is pretty normal sometimes. You're very lucky to have your mum around to look after her for the day for you!

Whats is the website you're making the photo album on?? Maybe I should be making one too for Bonnie! Sounds like hard work to have lost so much of the hard work in it though.

Hope Saturday was a better day and today too! xox

Kayla's Mum said...

Sam - hehe it's all good now - tomorrow is always a better day! xx

Ronnie - Thank you! Happy Valentines day to you tooo! xx

JMay - Totally you should make a photo book! I've sent you an email with all the info! xx