Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Life goes on...

Well everything got a bit better after that horrid Friday the 13th! Kayla's birth certificates dried out and recovered well enough to not have to apply for another one! So that's fine with us!

The file for Kayla's photo book couldn't be fixed but I started from scratch again and I like my new design better than the last - so I'm happy about that!

Things got better with Kayla and she started sleeping better, and everything seemed back to normal again.

But then suddenly things got bad again!!

Yesterday Kayla was back to being very irritable and there was just no settling her! She's such a happy bubbly baby, but the poor darling seems to have a problem with constipation and will be smiling one second and screaming in pain the next!

She seems to scream in pain when she is trying to poo, and when she finally does - it's a dark green stool - followed by a very runny yellow diarrhea. It has been like this twice now and it doesn't look normal at all, so we will be taking her to the doctors tomorrow to have her checked out.

And as if that's not enough - poor Dan has come down with the flu and is very crook at the moment, so Kayla and I may have to stay at Mum and Dads for a bit while Dan recovers before Kayla catches it too. Although my throat is very sore and I have a splitting headache at the moment, so she may not escape it after all! (That's if she hasn't got it already!)

But the biggest bad news of all is Dan lost his job today! Nothing he did wrong, but unfortunately a whole bunch of employees at his work were let go today because they just don't have enough work for them all any more... and unfortunately Dan was one of them!

It's a little devastating and daunting suddenly having no income with a mortgage to pay off and a baby to raise! But life goes on...

We're keeping positive about everything in hopes that Dan will find more work easily and quickly (fingers crossed.) It would have been nice if they had given him a bit of notice at least instead of cutting him off like that with no warning... but that's life I guess!

Lucky for Dan - his boss's wife from his old job told him that he was always welcome to go back there if things didn't work out with this job. So he contacted them this afternoon and they've asked him to go in on Friday to discuss if they may have some work for him.

We are hoping that it will be good news because we don't know what we're going to do otherwise!

So wish us luck peoples!! :-)

On a brighter note, I've finally taken a few more piccys of the little Miss! I was having a good look at her today and realized that she really has grown so much since the wee Bubette we took home from the hospital! So I whipped out the camera and started snapping away!

I'm still yet to capture her gorgeous gummy smile, but the camera has a 2 second delay and I always just miss it! (So annoying!) But she's cute anyway whether she is smiling or not...


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nitebyrd said...

She is getting so big! How adorable is she? LOL

I'm sorry about all the problems you've been having. My fingers are crossed for Dan getting another job. You'll have your up and down days with Kayla but will mostly remember the up days. That's a good thing, right?

(((hugs))) to all of you!

Dark Side said...

So sorry to hear about Dan's job and really hope he gets something sorted soon.

That lovely little girl is certainly getting

Kayla's Mum said...

Nite - hehe she's a cutie huh! Thanks for the crossed fingers! We are keeping positive and enjoying the good things in life for the time being (Kayla) :-) xx

Rae - Thanks for your hope! I know hey? I can't believe how big she has got so suddenly! She has lost that little newborn look! xx

Jacquie May said...

Definitely a chubby bubby!

Dan's a hard worker, something will come up, but I imagine it must be a bit of a daunting time. Good plan, stay positive and remember you've got your familys support!... Your mum and dad got spare rooms??? Maybe you should do what we've done for a while if no work comes up quick enough! Rent out the home and live with family until things come right ;)

Anywho, it'll work out.

Love you guys.

Kayla's Mum said...

JMay - hehe yeah - I always wanted a chubba bubba! I love her chubby double chin! Yeah we're not too worried, we are just lucky that Dan has his last job to fall back on (hopefully! - I feel really good about it!) Mum has said that we are always welcome to stay with them if need be. But what would we do with or hundred cats and dogs??! :-P hehe! xx

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about Dan's job. Ugh that sucks.

Wow - she is going to have mass of blonde hair. So thick already.

Reffinej said...

What a sweet girl :) Hope things go well with Dan's old job, lots of love from Jenn & Christian

trublmaka said...

Hope you got enough mop on her head to do the "first curl" thing :D
Taz didn't have one of those (curl) it was just a straight patch!!

Kayla's so gorjus!!! Such a chubby-bubbette!! Doesn't even look like the bub you brought home!!!
luvs n kisses

Kayla's Mum said...

Jenn - hehehe yeah! Her hair is getting much lighter and thicker by the day! xx

Reffy - Thanks hunny! xx

Trub - Oh I could only dream that Kayla would have gorgeous little curls like Taz!! But curls don't run in either of our families - so I highly doubt it! boo!

I know! Hasn't she changed so much?! xx