Sunday, February 8, 2009

A Very Special Day!

WooHoo! Last night Kayla went to her first party! It was a combined party for the big Birthday Month!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my brother 'Uncle Danial' who turned 30 on the 1st! My other brother 'Uncle Paul' who also turned 30 on the 3rd! My Mumma 'Nanny' who turned 46 on the 6th! And Meeeeeeee who will be turning 25 on the 10th!!! We also celebrated our gorgeous new addition Kayla who was finally met by some other family members and friends for the first time! AND it was also the anniversary of the day Dan and I first met and fell in love 5 years ago! Which means that it was also JMay and Mikeys 5th Wedding Anniversary on this day too!
.... Boy! What a day!

I'll post some more photos soon, I've just got to get them off Mum and Dad! But it was a great night, Dan and I really enjoyed ourselves and little Kayla got loads of attention!! (Of course she would!) She was very content all night and was quite happy to be the center of attention and loved having cuddles with everyone! (It was nice for Dan and I to have a wee break too!)

This day was even more special because earlier that day Kayla LAUGHED for the first time! It was the most gorgeous thing in the world!!! She often chuckles in her sleep like in the video I uploaded in one of my other posts, but this was a full on baby laugh while she was wide awake!

Actually it's quite a funny story! With all the sleepless nights I've had lately I've been sleeping in rather late (because that's when Kayla sleeps too!) But on this day I wanted to get up early to help Mum prepare for the party (as it was held at Mum and Dads house) But I had suddenly woken up in a mad panic and I was so disoriented that I had thought that it was well after 6pm and I had missed the party! lol!

Dan was in the loungeroom watching Kayla at the time, when I came flying out of the bedroom yelling "WHERE'S THE PHONE? WHERE'S THE PHONE!!?" (We actually have no clocks in the house! So we rely on our mobile phones to tell us the time lol!) Dan didn't know why I was freaking out but he jumped up quick and handed Kayla to me to go and search for the mobile for me - no questions asked lol. I was still half asleep and panicy believing it was very late in the afternoon - I'd hardly registered that Kayla was in my arms!

I was holdng her, but hadn't even looked at her - instead I was anxiously watching Dan searching franticly for the phone and I started yelling in frustration "THIS IS RIDICULOUS!!! WE NEED TO BUY A BLOODY CLOCK!!!" I was so frustrated and angry because I was convinced that I had missed my own party, and poor Dan didn't know what the heck was going on! But I suddenly realised that Kayla was in my arms and I looked down at her.

She was looking straight at me with her eyes lit up and she had the biggest most cutest cheekiest smile on her face that I have ever seen her do! It was like nothing I had ever seen before - a total heart melter! Suddenly I had this completely calming feeling come over me, it just totally melted my heart. "Oooo Hello my darling" I said to her "Do you find Mummy being angry funny do you?" her big smile hadn't faded, but just as I'd said that, she threw her little head back and started laughing!!! Like a "Ahh ha ha ha" it was so bloody cute I could have just about fainted!

So apparently she finds frustration funny! *giggles* Unfortunately Dan missed it because the poor Bugger was still trying to find the phone! But I suddenly didn't care any more because I was so overjoyed by Kayla's first laugh! Besides... turns out it was only 10am in the morning LOL!!!

I can't wait for her to do it again, I really want Dan to see it! I guess I'll just have to get angry again to make it happen! :-P hehe Jokes!

Other than that, Kayla is doing well! Poor thing has a bit of oral thrush at the moment but it is clearing up quick because we have been treating it so that's fine. We have recently noticed though that her little belly button seems a little too popped out and seems to be popping out a little more each week! When we changed her nappy last night it was looking almost like a wee hernia which is a little worrying!!

But Kayla has her 6 week check up at the doctors tomorrow first thing in the morning (Thank Goodness!) So I will be sure to get it checked out and let you all know how it goes!

Here are a few more piccys...

Who's a cutie?...

"ME ME I'm a cutie!"...

Teddy Snuggles...

Nodding Off... Thanks for stopping by! xx

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trublmaka said...

It seems all the attention is far too much for my li'l Lady..(last pic) .. so she's gonna rest while everyone else adores her!!

It was an awesome night.. and we had tons of fun!
thanks for having us darlin!

trublmaka said...
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Jacquie May said...

Love your family photo at the top. Will have to arrange one of those for the GrandGillies wall of family fame ;)

So great that she's laughing for you, she must've known how to calm you down ay!


Kristy said...

Awwww too cute! Hey I recognize those little chick clothes :P

Joe said...

What a little cutie! I'm sure she was the hit of the party.

Do you think maybe she was just excited about the possibility of you buying a clock?!? lol

Sam said... CUTE! Sooo wish I could have been there with you all Saturday night. At least I'll be able to be with you guys for her first Christmas!!! YAY!!!! ....oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! (believe it's the 10th now!)

Ron said... first time here and I'm jumping up and down SCREAMING!!!

What a WONDERFUL blog, dear one!!!

The header is ADORABLE!

And so is KAYLA!

OMG...I want to chew on her, she so CUTE!!!!

And hey, listen...I don't ever carry a watch on me, so I NEVER know what time it is, I just guess. Thank god I've never been late for work!

I'll be back again to see more of cutie Kayla, ok?


Anonymous said...

Don't worry about the belly button. My nephew's does that. I commented it on it once "Hey...wasn't his belly button an inny...what the?" My brother assured me it would settle down and it's not serious.

nitebyrd said...

What a doll she is!

You and daddy are looking pretty good yourselves. ;)

Hope you had a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY, hun!

Kayla's Mum said...

Trub - *giggles* Yup! She's all tuckered out! Thanks again for coming... we has a great night tooo!! xx

JMay - way ahead of ya! ALredy plan on getting the piccy printed for them :-)! xx

Kristy - heehee! Thanks again for the cutie clothes! I love them! xx

Joey - Haha! Most probabaly! Because then I would know when to feed her rather than her to scream at me! hehe xx

Sam - Thank youuuu! So cool that you are coming for Christmas! She will be almost 1!!! xx

Ronnie - YAY you made it!!! :-) Thanks for stopping by, I always am so excited to hear from you!!! xx

Jenn - hehe yeah we just found out it is a hernia, but apparently it is common and nothing to worry about anyway. :-) xx

Nite - Thank you!!! And Thanks so much again for the beautiful clothes!!! xoxoxoxoxox
P.S - Love the new profile pic! xx