Sunday, March 1, 2009


Can ya believe it!?

Current Weight: 5930 grams
Current Length: 59cm
Current Size: 000

(Use the online converter if you would like to work it out in pounds and inches.)

I can not get over how much the Chubette has grown!! She has totally lost her newborn look! (But she's still as cute as ever - if not more!)

She's certainly getting cuter by the day and is so much fun to play with now! Even though she has always been a real cutie pie - in her first month it was mainly all about giving her her needs. Feed her, burp her, bathe her, change her and put her to sleep with so little response. She would slip us a little smile here and there but most of her first month she would cry when she needed something, and sleep when she was satisfied.

But now, all that hard work as finally paid off and we are rewarded with so much response from her. She shows her appreciation by looking directly into our eyes and giving us big smiles and giggles, talking to us (just not in English yet!) hugging us back and just showing us that we are needed and wanted by her.

She's letting us put her down to sleep now without demanding for us to pick her up and cradle her all the time. I think it was a mixture of wrapping her up quite tightly and letting her cry out a minute longer each time. Eventually she gave up. She can even lay awake and happily lay on her own just looking around the room until she drifts off to sleep by herself. I think it's because her sight is much better now and she can see more detail which she is easily amused by.

Though she does love it when one of us lays beside her at bedtime and she does this little thing where she will grab tightly onto our hands and she wont let go so that we will stay and sleep with her. It's really cute and it's not a problem because it doesn't take long until she's in a deep enough sleep for us to slip away without her noticing. But we do have to wait a couple of minutes because the cheeky thing always opens one little eye to make sure we are still there. hehe!

The only problem we really have with her lately (besides her bellyaches) is her flippin DUMMY!! I actually had decided from the start that I didn't want to get her in the dummy habit. I've nothing against them but I heard that it can be hard for some children to grow out of the habit and can lead them to suck their thumbs - which can push their teeth out as they grow. *shrugs* (I always keep an open mind but figured it wouldn't hurt to try her without it.) But because she was starved for the first 3 days of her life - the Midwives suggested that giving her a dummy would be a good idea to help her to learn to suckle when it came time to breastfeed her. (Even though the breastfeeding didn't work out anyway!)

But one thing I know for sure now - a reason why we never should have given her the dummy - is because now she wants it all the bloody time!!! Her wanting it all the time is not what bothers me... it's her dropping it every 2 minutes and crying for us to put it back in her mouth all the time that can get really tiring!

She gets in these moods where she will just start crying out of the blue - usually in the middle of the night when she has fallen back to sleep for 10minutes after a feed. I'll try giving her the bottle at first thinking she may be still hungry, but she'll push it away. Then I'll try the dummy and she'll happily take it and drift off to sleep again. But 2 minutes later - it falls out and she starts SCREAMING for it again! So I'll put it back in her mouth and again she sleeps, only for it to fall out again and again and again where she'll scream until it's back in her mouth again and AGAIN!

This has only really just started in the last week - before that she hardly ever wanted it. But she is in this real sucking mood lately and just wants to suck on everything (you may have noticed in some of the recent photos she is sticking her tongue out alot - that's her wanting to suck on something.) Being a new issue, we haven't quite figured out how to deal with it yet. We have actually tried doing what we did with her attention problem by confiscating her dummy completely and letting her cry out a minute longer at a time in hopes that she would finally give up. But last night it got up to 12 minutes of letting her cry and she just wouldn't give it up! (12minutes is a long time for a baby to cry!) She just ended up getting so worked up that not even the dummy could settle her in the end!

*sigh* I don't know! Any suggestions on this one peoples?!

Hopefully she'll grow out of this little phase too like she did with the first problem.

But other than that little problem- everything else about her is perfect!

I finally figured out a way to upload videos! Thanks to Dad for teaching me how to shrink the AVI's and to Natt for suggesting Photobucket video upload (YOU GUYS ROCK!! xx)

But first, some more piccys...

And here's a little video of Kayla in action. It lost a bit of quality due to shrinking, but it's certainly better than nothing!

(You may need to turn the sound down - it may be a bit loud) Thanks for stopping by! xx

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Dark Side said...

I can't believe that little bundle of joy is two months old, she looks gorgeous as ever....

I hope you manage to cure the dummy problem and sorry I can't offer any words of wisdom..xx

trublmaka said...

love the black n white best.. its soo adorabubble! ;P

dummy issue.. they grow out of it.. there's always hope.

Kayla's Mum said...

Rae - Yeah I know! Time is flying by! :-) Thankyou! xx

Trub - Yeah that's one of my faves too. I hope you're right! xx

Sam said...

Oooo the vid is so cute, I just want to pick her up and cuddle her!!!

Yep, they outgrow the dummy eventually, when they learn to grab at other stuff and shove it in their mouth...(and I don't mean UDL's at 18!)

Kayla's Mum said...

Sam - hahahaha! Hey I didn't think of that! Kayla should soon be able to put the dummy back in her mouth herself!! Brilliant!! xx

Joe said...

What a little cutie pie she continues to be.

Not that we'd expect anything less.

Love the picture with the bear!

Kayla's Mum said...

Joey - *giggles* Yeah she's a cute little chubette! xx

nitebyrd said...

She is just the cutest baby, EVER!

Kayla's Mum said...

Aunty Nite - *giggles* Glad I'm not the only one who thinks so! :-P xx